Dustin Yellin’s dancing ballerinas are frozen in time

by Tasneem Merchant Jul 06, 2017

As kids, most of us make a hobby of tearing differently coloured paper and making a larger image with it. But Brooklyn based artist Dustin Yellin saw greater potential in the shredded pieces and took the game up several notches with his display at Lincoln Center, commissioned by the New York City Ballet as part of their Art series. 

The 15 monumental collages are created on layered slabs of glasses, with each surface holding a key piece of the larger picture. Each of these sheets contains collages of human silhouettes created in mixed media. Paint has been used to painstakingly recreate the fluid motion of ballet dancers, also symbolising a fusion of the two arts.

The shapes are an amalgamation of intricate paper clippings, botanicals and other materials that seem to be floating in a clear mass. Depending on where one is standing, the vision distorts or becomes clear.

When light falls on them, the exhibits cast gleaming shadows that appear to sway, much like the people they depict.