Beam Labs’ unique invention transforms any flat surface into a large screen

by Nishita Fiji May 29, 2017

Amateur chefs will understand the plight of preparing a gourmet dish while flipping through a cookbook or referencing a video on a laptop carefully without drowning it in gravy. Putting an end to this inconvenience is Beam by young Dutch label Beam Labs. 

The smart projector connects to a light socket and runs on WiFi. This means that you can stream recipe videos on any flat surface (from a wall to a table or even the ceiling) and conveniently follow the process, step by step, while listening to instructions through the stereo speakers on its rim.

You can easily control the gadget with Beam Remote app, downloadable on both iOS and Android operating systems. Also packed inside the black case is a dual core, 8GB Android computer, so you can install and run any app on it, including YouTube and Netflix.

But if cooking isn’t your priority, the device is still impressive with Beam Actions feature that lets you set rules such as instructing it to wake you up in the morning by automatically switching on the news or playing a movie as soon as someone gets home. And while it isn’t busy performing its various intelligent functions, simply use it as an LED light that can be effortlessly dimmed and adjusted through your phone.