Promotion: Good Earth’s lead designer on how to style the dining table of your dreams

by Good Earth Nov 27, 2017

Nestled within the Raghuvanshi Mills flagship of Good Earth in Mumbai, lies an enchanting table with stories to tell. Porcupine quills, an old lock and key, twinkling votives and what remains of a love letter are scattered like stardust across the Rosabagh tableware collection, elevated with floral leitmotifs from a vintage Persian miniature and a Mughal garden with accents of 24-carat gold.

The design theme for this year is Van Vaibhav, which means the splendour of the forest, and signifies the interconnectedness of all things and an enduring love of nature as the cornerstone of the brand's design philosophy over the last 21 years.

Good Earth's lead designer Pavitra Rajaram shares some of her insider secrets on how to transform an ordinary table setting to next-level artistry. Rajaram's signature styling mixes whimsy with sophistication, evident in her use of objects like the Monkey-Shoulder whiskey bottles, Zebra and Flamingo decorative wooden trays, whose roles are integral to the Van Vaibhav narrative, along with botanical books and dried eucalyptus leaves.

Watch as she shares her secrets on how to decorate a table with a plethora of ideas, memories and stories which unwind, one object at a time.