Rooshad Shroff was anointed Designer of The Year!

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar is the winner of the Young Talent Award, for his creative use of natural materials

Harjot Singh is the Student Of The Year, winning for his adaptable unit, 'Furnitecture'

Radhika Sarraf is the First Runner-up in the Student category, for her product 'Lean On - Lean Off '

Karan Bhave is the Second Runner-up in the Student category, for his multi-functional chair, 'Link'

Husna Rahaman is the Winner of the Bathware category for her stylish basins for Him and Her

Suparna Handa and Rahul Puri received the Joint Winner award for Sarita Handa, for the Bedroom category

Pravir Sethi bags the Joint Winner award for the Bedroom category, for his 'Sweep Bed' system

Ashiesh Shah wins the Fabric category with pure silver handwoven into a 'Silver Mesh'

Gulabi Devi, Mobin, Savitri Devi, Gaffar and Bugali (not pictured), artisans for Jaipur Rugs win Flooring for their designs

Saif Faisal is the Joint Winner of the Furniture category, for his Bidriware Qaiser table series

Ranjan Bordoloi is the other Joint Winner for the Furniture category, for his Pitoloi Stool

Ayush Kasliwal is the Joint Winner for the Kitchen category, for his 'Shiva Mug'

Nidhi Kalra is the Joint Winner in the Kitchen category for her modern take on the ghee pot

Soumitro Ghosh wins the Lighting category for his 5 feet tall 'Sextuplet' lighting system

Saif Faisal is the Winner in the Tabletop category, for his 'Cork Trays'

Sanjay Puri is a Joint Winner in the Wall Coverings & Finishes category for his 'Paper Tube' ceiling

Shabnam Gupta is a Joint Winner for the Wall Finishes & Coverings category, for her versatile 'Bricks'
Photography by Bajirao Pawar; Produced by Anchal Kaushal

EDIDA 2017 was a grand affair to remember!

The winning designs from EDIDA 2017

by Ayman Contractor Nov 29, 2017 Take a look at this year’s stellar line up of honourees at the 16th ELLE DECOR International Design Awards (EDIDA) India, profiled against the beautiful heritage structure that is University of Mumbai, Fort.

EDIDA Designer Of The Year - Rooshad Shroff
There isn’t a material that this multi-faceted Mumbai creative hasn’t experimented with. This year, his inlay tabletop series, embroidered furniture, coloured Sanding collection and limited edition lighting for textile powerhouse Atmosphere lands him the coveted title. 


EDIDA Young Talent - Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar
The multi-talented Pune-based creative uses natural and raw materials, colours and shapes as his inspiration. His Grid Bed is made using Himalayan pine and the Curve chair is designed to comfortably fit any body shape.


EDIDA Student Of The Year - Harjot Singh
Currently pursuing his Masters in Furniture and Interior Design at NID, Ahmedabad, Harjot won The Park ELLE DECOR Student Contest last year for his weather-resistant Concrete Jungle seater. Now, he bags this coveted award for his multi-functional product Furnitecture, which has modular units that can adapt to any living space.

EDIDA Student 1st runner-up - Radhika Sarraf
While studying in the Bachelors Programme of Furniture and Interior Design at NID, Ahmedabad, Radhika took a semester abroad in the Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Inspired by this semester abroad, her product Lean On Lean Off is a take on a seater for people who need temporary rest in places where seating cannot be arranged.

EDIDA Student 2nd runner up - Karan Bhave
Currently majoring in Furniture and Interior Design at NID, Ahmedabad, Karan’s Link modular seating is an attempt to redefine the concrete chair. The multi-functional top can be used with a rocking chair base, a bar stool base or even that of an outdoor seater.

EDIDA Bathware - Husna Rahaman
At the Bengaluru designer’s label Fulcrum Studio, the Basins and Beyond for him and her are constructed incool geometric patterns. They are made from hand-cut stone, marble, SS metal tessellations and granite. 


EDIDA Bedroom Joint Winner - Pravir Sethi
Envisioned under his Mumbai firm Studio Hinge, the Sweep Bed hopes to keep hotel rooms versatile. The two leather-clad single beds can be joined as a double sleeping system, and when split, the sideboard serves as a table.


EDIDA Bedroom Joint Winner - Sarita Handa

Having previously won an EDIDA for Fabrics in 2013, the New Delhi-based textile brand wins for their Berber Cushion Collection, which is inspired by the hand-sewn rugs made by the Berber women of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Taking the powerful stories and symbolic language represented by these carpets, this series uses a variety of colours, patterns and textures.


EDIDA Fabric - Ashiesh Shah
The EDIDA India Designer of the Year 2016 took home the trophy this time for his Silver Mesh. Using pure silver wire that’s handwoven into a textile-like structure, the process to make a single panel is so meticulous that it takes around four months to complete just a wall. 


EDIDA Flooring - Bugali, Gulabi Devi, Mobin, Gaffar & Savitri Devi For Jaipur Rugs
The brand launched the Artisan Originals Collection with the aim of creating a personal connection between rural weavers and the international market. The range that wins them their first EDIDA showcases traditional Rajasthani culture, motifs inspired by nature, personal stories and shakkarparas. 


Edida Furniture Joint Winner - Ranjan Bordoloi
The Guwahati designer’s Pitoloi Stool was made in collaboration with a master craftsman of Assam’s Moriya community. Known for using traditional methods and skills to create high-end contemporary objects, Ranjan crafted this bar seater and stool in an effort to revive the dying form of making utensils and artefacts by hammering brass. 


EDIDA Furniture Joint Winner - Saif Faisal
Previously winning for his lights in 2016, the Bengaluru-based designer’s Bidriware Qaiser table series explores various design patterns. Using walnut and beech wood, the range explores snowflake motifs and oxidised Zillij patterns. The curved stem and base give the illusion of defying gravity, as though the tip of the stem is just barely resting on it. 


EDIDA Kitchen Joint Winner - Nidhi Kalra For Artt’dinox

The Ghee Pot is a modern take on the traditional Indian method to melt clarified butter. Designed around the concept of a milk boiler by the New Delhi-based creator for Artt’dinox, it has a double walled jacket which, when filled with water and kept on a flame, provides indirect heat. 


EDIDA Kitchen Joint Winner - Ayush Kasliwal
The 2013 EDIDA India Designer of the Year’s Shiva Jug is inspired by the eponymous god. Awarded the UNESCO Seal of Excellence in 2016, this handmade copper pitcher has an elegantly balanced lid like the khamandalam, a yogi’s copper Ayurveda water vessel. 


EDIDA Lighting - Soumitro Ghosh
The Bengaluru-based architect’s 5 ft tall Sextuplet lighting system features interlocking geometric patterns made with stainless steel bent panels and cables. 


EDIDA Tabletop - Saif Faisal
The Bengaluru designer’s Cork Trays are inspired by the early era wicker platters. They have been crafted keeping in mind an ecological and contemporary expression of design. 


EDIDA Wall Coverings & Finishes Joint Winner - Shabnam Gupta
The Mumbai designer’s versatile Bricks can be used to build a standalone partition or screen, using terracotta and ceramic. It plays on light and shadow with perforations and hollow breaks adding a raw natural look. 


EDIDA Wall Coverings & Finishes Joint Winner - Sanjay Puri
The Mumbai architect’s Paper Tube Ceiling uses fire retardant of different lengths in various compositions on the walls – this can be used within any space, transforming it structurally with minimal cost. 

EDIDA 2017 was a grand affair to remember!